Enduro Kart Prep

Some recommendations on getting your kart ready for Enduros.

  • Check your seat mount holes
  • Make sure your rear crash is zip tied to the chassis and the bolts are taped over
  • Shout your yourself a new throttle cable. Use it for a couple of practice sessions and check the adjustment before race start
  • Put new side pod mount bolts in
  • Wrap a spring or wire around your exhaust springs
  • Check your header pipe welds – have a spare header flex and springs
  • Make sure you have a brake safety cable (throttle pedal to Master cylinder)
  • Bleed your brakes with brand-new brake fluid
  • Make sure your floor tray bolts are in good condition
  • Two new chains – use both a couple of times before the Enduro to get the initial stretch out of them
  • Secure your fuel tank – zip tie the retaining nut as the minimum
  • Make sure your numbers a clearly visible. There are no rule on the number colours – they just need to be easy to see from tower
  • Double check your wheel nuts, and hub nuts (if the nyloc is worn, replace them)
  • If you have beed locks spray them with soapy water to make sure they do not leak
  • Put new batteries in your Micron/Alfano, and
  • Zip tie the air box to the seat.